Over his lifetime, in various capacities, as Attorney General and later Foreign Minister of Guyana, as the Caribbean’s spokesman in international trade and economic negotiations, as a voice of small developing countries, as a nemesis of UDI and apartheid in Southern Africa, as Secretary General of the Commonwealth of over 50 nations, as an advocate of the messages of change of the many international Commissions on which he served, in the national, regional and global contexts of his life – Shridath Ramphal spoke and wrote copiously. What follows are one hundred plus items of that life of service. Two great globalists of the 20th Century summed up best these contributions:

 “We must never underestimate the influence of the eloquent, reflective and disinterested mind.
              We should not underestimate Mr Ramphal”. Barbara Ward, 1979.
He is one of those men who have become famous because, in their fight for human justice, they
              have chosen the whole world as their theatre”. Nelson Mandela, 1990
1950 – King’s Counsel

The Journal of the Faculty of laws Society, King’s College, London.

1951 – King’s Counsel

The Journal of the Faculty of laws Society, King’s College, London.

1970 – Decade of Decision

The Caribbean in the 70s

1970 – A Search for Understanding – Patterns of Conflict Resolution.

Statements and Papers relating to Recent Developments in Guyana/Venezuela Relations and Guyana/Surinam Relations

1970 – Peace Justice Progress

The international Imperatives

1970 – A Search for Understanding

Patterns of Conflict Resolution

1970 – Speech of the Hon. S.S Ramphal Attorney General and Minister of State

1971 – Dialogue of Unity

A Search for West Indian Identity

1971 – Strengthening Old Ties – Forging New Links

1971 – West Indian Nationhood

Myth, Mirage or Mandate?

1971 – The Charter’s Mandate – Fulfillment Through Internationalism

Statement delivered in the General Debate of the 26th Session of the UN General Assembly

1972 – A Peaceful, Just and Habitable Planet

New Dimensions of Environment

1972 – Protocol of Port-of-Spain

Speech of the Hon. S.S Ramphal Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guyana

1973 – The Prospect for Community in the Caribbean

An address delivered at the Royal Commonwealth Society, London.

1973 – Just Enlightened and Effective Arrangements

New Approaches to Relations With The European Economic Community

1973 – The Need For Answer

Whither Internationalism?

1973 – New Dimensions of Preventive Diplomacy

The Security Council in Panama City

1974 – An ideology of Change

Towards an Egalitarian World Community

1974 – The Energy Catalyst

Toward A New International Economic Order

1975 – The ACP/EEC Negotiations

A lesson in Third World Unity

1975 – Remembering to Score

1975 – The Commonwealth in World Affairs

New Zealand Institute of International Affairs

1976 – Keynote Address at the International Conference of Federalism

1976 – The other world In This One

1978 – What Next? A Mandate for the Developing Counties

1979 – International Co-operation and Development: the Role of Universities
1980 – Nkrumah and the Eighties

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Lectures

1981 – Service of Thanksgiving for the life and work of Malcolm Macdonald, P.C., O.M.

1981 – Sovereignty or Solidarity

The Thomas Callander Memorial Lectures

1982 – No Time to Lose: An Overview of Crisis

North-South Dialogue Revised Approaches to Industrialization in Developing Countries and International Trade

1983 – “Some in Light and Some in Darkness”; the long Shadow of Slavery

150th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery Act (1833) and the death of William Wilberforce

1983 – Words are as Water…

International Conference on Sanctions Against Apartheid Sports

1985 – Towards A Global 2000

The Inaugural New Sarum Lecture

1985 – Caribbean Alternatives

Centre for Caribbean Studies University of Warwick

1985 – The End of the Beginning: Apartheid in Crisis

Annual Conference of the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa

1985 – A World Turned Upside Down

1985 – The Trampling of the Grass

The Inaugurail Silver Jubilee Lecture of the Economic Commission for Africa

1986 – Roots and Reminders

Reflections on Slavery, Indenture, Apartheid— and some personal conjunctures

1986 – For the South, a Time to Think

Paper delivered at South-South 11; Charting the Way Forward

1987 – The Environment and Sustainable Development

1987 – Making Human Society a Civilsed State

The 11th Corbishley Memorial Lecture

1987 – The Second Indira Gandhi Memorial Lecture

1988 – “Let the slave go free…” Britain, the Commonwealth and the Common Law


1988 – The South African Crisis: Why the Bell of Apartheid Tolls for Everyone

Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia

1988 – A Heritage of Oneness

Inaugurating a Commemorative Series of International Conference
The Genesis of a Nation

1988 – “The Black must be discharged

Race Relations, The Common Law and the Commonwealth
The Kapila Fellowship Lecture 1988

1988 – Compulsions for Excellence – Shadows and Reality

Installation as Chancellor of University of Guyana

1988 – No Island is an Island

1989 – Endangered Earth

Inaugurating the Cambridge Lectured on Environment and Development: “Our Common Future?’

1989 – The State of North-South Relations

The Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center