Shridath Ramphal was a member of seven (7) independent international and regional Commissions between 1980 and 1995. He was Chairman of one and Co-Chairman of another – and shared in the authorship of all their Reports. They covered a wide area of human affairs, and their recommendations remain relevant to human existence. They are as follows:


A Programme for Survival
The Report on International Development Issues under the Chairmanship of Willy Brandt

North-South: A Programme for Survival

Common Security
Our Common Future

Common Security

A Programme for Disarmament

The Report of Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security issues under the Chairmanship of Olof Palme

Our Common Future

The World Commission on Environment and Development

Our Global Neighborhood

“A Timely work deserving our full attention” – Nelson Mandela
The Report of the Commission on Global Governance

The Challenge to the South

The Report of the South Commission

Time for Action

Report of the West Indian Commission

Winning the Human Race

The Report of the Independent Commission on International Humanitarian Issues