SSR presiding in the UN Security Council in 1975 as Foreign Minister of Guyana. Guyanese diplomats Joe Sanders, Rashleigh Jackson and Miles Stoby are in the background.

SSR -with the Duke of Edinburgh in 1987 on his 40th Wedding Anniversary. SSR joked with Prince Philip that he had arrived in London as a student on the day of the Royal Wedding in 1947– mistaking the banners as a welcome.

SSR – in 1975, as the new Secretary General of the Commonwealth, in the Conference Room of Marlborough House with his predecessor, Arnold Smith of Canada

SSR welcoming Prince Charles to Marlborough House in the 1970s –‘fingering shirt sleaves’

SSR with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher – with whom he was in great contention over sanctions against South Africa.

SSR with Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in New Delhi in 1980. India hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 1981.

SSR escorting President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania at the Monument to Non-Alignment in Georgetown, Guyana in 1975

SSR on receiving the Hororary Degree of Doctor of Laws, Yale University.

SSR with Prime Minister Dr. Eric Williams of Trinidad & Tobago and Foreign Minister Aristides Calvani of Venezuela at the signing of the Protocol of Port of Spain in 1970 – placing a moratorium of 12 years on the Guyana-Venezuela border controversy.

SSR in his robes as Queen’s Counsel, British Guiana, in 1965.

SSR embracing President Nelson Mandela of South Africa after conferring on him the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law of Warwick University – in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, London = July,1996.

SSR in 1970 with his close friend Hon Errol Barrow, Prime Minister of Barbados.

SSR with Willy Brandt in 1980 presenting a copy of the Brandt Commission’s Report North – South: A Programme for Survival to President Jimmy Carter.

SSR with Willy Brandt and former British Prime Minister Ted Heath at a meeting of the Brandt Commission 1979.

SSR as Guyana’s Minister of State for External Affairs, addressing the United Nations General Assembly, in October, 1970.

SSR, as Commonwealth Secretary General, with Prime Minister Lee Quan Yew of Singapore in the 1970s.

SSR with his mother, Grace Ramphal, in the grounds of Coventry Cathedral – in his robes as Chancellor of Warwick University.

SSR at the Campus of the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, in his robes as Chancellor of the University. At his side is the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Alister McIntyre.

SSR’s official portrait as Secretary General of the Commonwealth, painted by Barrington (Barry Watson) of Jamaica, hanging in the Commonwealth Secretariat, Marlborough House, London.

SSR in his robes as Chancellor of the University of the West Indies – portrait painted by Barrington Watson of Jamaica.

SSR escorting Queen Elizabeth, as Head of the Commonwealth, at his first Commonwealth Day Reception in March 1976 at Marlborough House, London.

SSR with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada, at Kaieteur Falls, Guyana in April, 1975.

SSR and his wife Lois, on 15 April,1990, with Nelson and Winnie Mandela, at their Reception at the Secretary General’s official residence for Mandela to meet South African exiles and friends of the Anti-aparthied Movement – on his first visit to London after release from prison. On Mandela’s right is Fr. Trevor Huddleston.

SSR with Prime Minister Michael Manley of Jamaica at Marlborough House, London, on the publication of his first book – One World to Share, in 1979.

SSR with President Fidel Castro of Cuba in Havana at the Europe-Caribbean Conference in December, 1997.

SSR receiving in London from Prince Philip, as President of the Royal Society of Arts, the Society’s Albert Medal (Gold) in 1988.

SSR on the staircase of Marlborough House, the London home of the Commonwealth Secretariat, in 2008 – the year of his 80th birthday.

SSR with Prime Minister Forbes Burnham of Guyana and Queen Elizabeth in Marlborough House, London.

SSR, in caricature, as depicted in The Independent newspaper on 10 October, 1987.

SSR, though only an ‘observer’ from Guyana, shown as among the West Indian Federation’s ‘Founding Fathers’.

SSR and family in the official residence of the Commonwealth Secretary General in London

SSR receiving the Order of Excellence (OE) from President Forbes Burnham of Guyana in 1983

SSR among the Harvard Law School’s Graduate Students in 1962.

SSR as a young Law Student of King’s College, London, at his ‘digs’ in Carshalton, Surrey.

SSR at his wedding to Lois Winifred King in Burton-on-Trent, Staffs., England on 16 August, 1952. They were to enjoy 67 years of marriage, before Lois passed away in September 2019

SSR and his siblings at the site of his first owned home in Georgetown, Guyana, RIOLAMA, at 42, Eping Ave., Bel Air Park – in 1960.

SSR’s parents, ‘J.I.’ and Grace Ramphal with his first three children, at their home in Federation Park, Port of Spain, Trinidad, in 1962 – before Jamaica’s referendum and PM William’s arithmetic (‘1 from 10 leaves 0’) ended the Federation.

SSR on a stamp issued by Trinidad and Tobago, and by all CARICOM countries, to mark the first award of the Order of the Caribbean Community (OCC) in 1989 – to William Demas, Derek Walcott and himself.

SSR, as Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, awarding an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law to Nelson Mandela at a Special Convocation in 1991 on the occasion of his first visit to the West Indies to say ‘thanks’. With them, is the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Alister McIntyre.

SSR with his family at the unveiling by the Queen of his official portrait – by Barrington Watson of Jamaica – in the Commonwealth Secretarial, Marlborough House, London.

SSR with his family in the Commonwealth Secretary General’s Official Residence at 40B Hill Street, Mayfair, London.

SSR – Opening Guyana’s Case against Venezuela, virtually, at the International Court of Justice, The Hague, on 30th June, 2020.

The Prime Minister, Shrimati Indira Gandhi and the Joint Press Conference at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on November 29, 1983, after the conclusion of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Hull University honoured five distinguished West Indians recently at a Special Degree Ceremony to mark the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery and the death of William Wilberforce who led the abolition campaign. They were: Commwealth Secretary-General, Mr. Shridath Ramphal (Doctor of Laws) seen here with West Indian cricket captain Clive Lloyd (Master of Arts).

Ramphal with Henry Kissinger, the US Secretary of State, in 1974. Earlier Ramphal had argued against Kissinger’s plan to develop a community of the western hemisphere between the US and Latin American and the Caribbean States but excluding Canada and Cuba. Kissinger withdrew his plan.

Ramphal is the Chairman of the Committee which awarded the 1985 Third World Prize to South Africa’s Nelson and Winnie Mandela. In 1986, during the visit of Eminent Persons Group, Ramphal sent the scroll to Winnie Mandela via officials of the Commonwealth Secretariat. Winnie Mandela, in turn, inscribed the photograph of presentation and sent it to Ramphal with the words: “To our honourable Shridath Ramphal. Love, from a nation that adores you for caring so much”. Winnie Mandela.

In 1981 during the Commonwealth summit in Melbourne, Ramphal was awarded the Order of Australia. The presentation was made by the Queen on board the Royal Yacht Brittania. On the left of the photograph is Malcom Fraser, then Australia’s Prime Minister.